150 Movies in a Year.

Click the image to download the PDF.

Last year, I set a goal.
The goal was to watch 150 movies.
I wanted them to be movies I had never seen.

I watched…
…movies that had interested me for a while and movies that just recently caught my fancy.
…good movies and bad movies.
…old movies and new movies.
…family films, dramas, space operas and musicals.

I ended up watching 159 in total, and compiled data on them throughout the year; data on genre, length, year and quality. Over the past two months, I've been putting together a collection of infographics about all the films. This isn't to say that these films are more important or better than other films, or that my opinion is more important or better than yours. This is just one way that I can seek to understand the film language better.

You can download the PDF by clicking here or the image above. I hope you enjoy.