The Thin Man DVD cover rough

I know that it's been quite some time since I've posted anything, so I apologize for the interlude. In the hope of staying limber (as far as designing goes), I've been working on a couple of personal projects. One of them is a series of DVD covers for the Thin Man film series. It started out with me doodling his character in Illustrator. I thought it looked good, but I needed an application so I threw him on a DVD cover.

Then I got the idea of doing the whole series. I've done two so far, neither of which are complete. (You'll notice that in the first image he's wearing two different shoes and the "AFTER" in the right is merely temporary.)

I've also been seeing a lot of hand-drawn lettering recently and was inspired to do some myself. The type that reads "The Thin Man" is hand-drawn by me, scanned, and traced in Illustrator, where I adjusted the line weight and shape. Like, I said, lots of work still to be done, but I'm pleased with how it's turning out.