Creating a Game: Part II.

Man oh man has it been a while since my last post. A fair amount has happened in these past couple of months: I was up for a job, I played lots of board games and I've worked on some side projects.

Last you heard from me, I was working on a game about time travel. Well that game is on the back burner now, as I started investing a lot of time working on an entirely different game. In this game, players play as scouts from warring kingdoms on a planet soon to be destroyed. Their goal is to earn as many tickets as they can for the ship heading offworld before disaster strikes.

The board consists of a single tile in the center surrounded by six tiles placed on the board at random. Along the outside is the comet marker which tracks the progress of the comet as it moves every round.

During their turn, players move about the board, buy cards or money to add to their deck and play action cards from their hand. I've playtested it with some friends, and while it's quite fun to play, it still needs some work to make it fairhanded and even. It's been a blast to work on; designing games is something to which I'm entirely new, but am enjoying immensely.


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