Creating a Game: Part I.

Recently, I was hanging out with my friend and colleague Daniel Soucy and we were discussing the idea of doing a project together. There were no jobs we currently needed help with, so we decided to make a job for ourselves. In our discussion, we decided we wanted to design a board game.

So we sat down and started bouncing ideas off each other for what our board game would be about. Never ones to take the easy road, we decided on a time travel theme. The idea of mucking about in the timeline was pretty fun. Over the past few months, we've honed the structure of the game: you play a delivery boy making deliveries of ridiculous things around the timeline in order to pay off student debt. To do so, you must alter the Prosperity of those eras using what we call Influence cards. I'd go into a deeper explanation of the game mechanics, but it would just melt your brain.

I've made mockups of a number of cards. We still have a fair number of cards to make, but once they're done, we'll begin playtesting to see if the basic mechanics of the game work. Also created was a timeline mockup. Enjoy!

The game board showing the 12 different Eras.

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