The Tillicum sign.

While working at Postal Annex, I was asked if we did photo editing. I said, "no, but I can." That led to me doing this, and then making some connections with someone in the graphic design industry. It pays to say, "I can do that." Here's the before and after.


Game Over, Man.

Dudes, remember this? Well now it's this.

This timeline breaks down every death in the Alien saga (excluding Alien: Resurrection because it's total balls) based on how far into the film it happens.

This smaller one simplifies it down to just the deaths without all the text. I think it's interesting to see how the different movies are formatted.

Movie clips UPDATED!

So I've been doing this "Movie Clips" thing for a while where I give short short short reviews of the movies I've watched recently. I decided to go with a new format this time. At the top are a number of different categories. It starts with a general rating, telling you whether you should watch the movie, maybe give it a go, or just give it a miss altogether. The other four categories tell you what kind of movie it is: boring; weird; funny or sad. Note that a movie can be decent but boring. Withnail and I for example isn't a bad movie, but I personally didn't find it all that interesting. Movies marked as bad and funny are probably no intentionally funny, but are hilariously bad, such as Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth.


Plan B.

Yet more poster work for the Crystal Ballroom. For this job, they had an admat (top image) that I could use as much or as little as I liked. I thought the image was great, so I used that, but did the rest from scratch.

type: museo sans