How to ship.

I wasn't feeling so well this morning, specifically a sore throat. My job has me shipping things all over the country (and world). I wondered what I would do if I couldn't talk; how would I help customers figure out what mailing service they needed? I thought a flowchart might work pretty well, so I made one. Simply answer the questions, and look for the corresponding color at the bottom to choose your service.


Phosphorescent, Fruition and The Bellboys.

McMenamins asked me to make two more posters, this time for their historic Mission Theater. Phosphorescent is an alt-country band that's originally from Athens, Georgia but has since relocated to Brooklyn, so I wanted a metro-meets-country feel. Fruition and Bellboys are folksy country bands (Fruition have even been known to busk) so I went with a hobo aesthetic, classing it up with some fun flourishes.

typefaces used:
Phosphorescent: Sans Black, Boris Black Boxx, Museo Sans
Fruition and The Bellboys: Alexandria