Watching the greats.

I've seen a lot of movies. To be specific, I've seen 1,985 feature films, 59 TV movies, 64 documentaries, 96 short films and 22 straight-to-video films (a total of 2,226 titles). On November 10, I decided to make an effort to see "great" films. There's a billion lists I could go by for this, but I chose to go by three.

The first was the IMDb Top 250. If fanboys made a list of the best movies of all-time, it would probably look a lot like this. I wanted to see movies that were loved by the movie-loving public and this seemed the appropriate way to do that.

The second list is the 83 winners of the Academy Award for Best Picture. These are the movies that those in the movie-making business love, at least in the January of the year after they come out.

The last list is the Criterion Collection, which is a collection of "important classic and contemporary films" chosen by true movie buffs. This list would give me the arthouse and lesser-known films, but also classics that don't make it on the other lists.

When I started, I had seen:
  • 114 of 491 Criterion Collection titles (23.2%)
  • 62 of the 83 Best Picture winners (74.7%)
  • 233 of the IMDb Top 250 films (93.2%)

My goal is this:
  • to watch 50% of the Criterion Collection films (132 films)
  • to watch all of the best picture winners (21 films)
  • watch all of the Top 250 (17 films)

As of today, January 4, I have seen:
  • Criterion: 141/559 (25.2%) (since the collection's grown, I still need to watch 138 movies to get to 50%)
  • Best Picture winners: 66/83 (79.5%)
  • Top 250: 235/250 (94%)

I still have some work to do, but I'm making headway.


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