Moe at the Crystal Ballroom.

I was recently contacted by McMenamin's to make some concert posters. McMenamin's, if you don't know, is a Portland-based chain of brewpubs and theatres. Their first two assignments are for Moe and Galactic, a jam band a New Orleans funk outfit respectively. My first idea for this poster was a fish leaping out of the water, so I started looking around for reference images. One of the images I found was this sweet coloring book drawing of two dinosaurs, and thought fighting dinos might be a sweet poster. I contracted my friend Emily Randazzo to draw it, and she busted out this gem. I traced the line drawing and colored it in based on her recommendations. It's one of my favourite posters I've worked on.


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December 23, 2010 at 10:48 AM Timberati said...

Poster for McMenamins Holy sh*t!