Movie clips.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (6.5/10)
Not totally sure what's going on here, much like any Peter Weir film.

Adventureland (7/10)
I wish Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart were Michael Cera and anyone else.

The Hit (7/10)
Nicely shot, superbly acted. Terence Stamp never fails to impress me.

Repo Man (7/10)
The punkest movie ever made?

The Cyclist (6.5/10)
Touching but tedious.

National Lampoon's Cattle Call (3/10)
The opposite of a class act.

Pineapple Express (7.5/10)
These guys are great together. And Kevin Corrigan and Craig Anderson do a hilarious job as hitmen.

Stepbrothers (6/10)
I think they pushed it beyond the breaking point here.

Year One (7/10)
I love this kind of anachronistic humor; it works for me.

Dreamscape (4/10)
Trying to kill the president in his dreams is at least kind of clever. Much of the rest of the movie isn't however.

Somewhere in Time (7.5/10)
Surprisingy touching. I love seeing Christopher Reeves in non-Superman roles because he's actually a very good, nuanced actor.

note: I watched these back in March and apparently forgot to write about them.

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