VIIF2010 Official Poster.

The Vancouver International Improv Festival asked for a poster to promote their event, giving me the theme "Video Killed the Improv Star." I mulled over the idea for a little while, and for some reason the idea of a giant monolith (a la 2001: A Space Odyssey) in the shape of a VHS tape stuck in my mind.

I contacted my friend and peer Daniel Soucy of Hearts + Minds Creative about doing the illustration and he was excited about the concept. I showed him some (extremely) basic sketches, we talked about basic styles, and then he started drawing from there. I love the style he used. It feels like Mad Magazine meets Heavy Metal. For the black and white, I wanted a simple pen and ink, line-drawing style, because I think the higher contrast makes it pop more. It also feels kind of like a high school notebook sketch, which I think is fun.