My camera collection. #4: Polaroid OneStep Flash.

Maker: Polaroid
Model: 600
Year: c. 1992
Film type: 600
Usability: camera works perfectly, but the film is a little cost prohibitive at $2 a frame
My cost: $4

I simply love the look of Polaroid. I described it today as being high-quality lo-fi. Some lo-fidelity films (110 and disk film come to mind) are just plain shitty, having poor color, poor grain and poor sharpness. Polaroid, on the other hand, had a beautiful quality to its lack of quality. The colors are richly saturated, interestingly imperfect and the frames are filled with what I can only describe as a "warm" grain.

This camera is your basic utilitarian Polaroid model. It's the Volvo of the Polaroid camera world: functional and boxy. This Volvo however has a racing stripe.

...sample images...

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