Movie clips.

Syriana (7/10)
This movie was so confusing and obfuscated, it functions as a microcosm for the state of affairs in the oil world.

Gomorra (8/10)
This movie is proof that you do it to yourself.

2012 (4/10)
How can a movie about the destruction of Earth be so boring?

Cat Ballou (5/10)
I was tired of the Ballad of Cat Ballou the first time they sang it. Then they sang it four more times…

Je, tu, il, elle (I, You, He She) (4/10)
Yawn. If I see you doing something, you don't need to narrate what you're doing.

Hot Tub Time Machine
I miss young John Cusack.

The Vampire Effect (3/10)
Hong Kong cinema isn't as interested in genre as we are.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (6/10)
The making-of featurette on the DVD is so telling. Spielberg is a pushover and does whatever Lucas tells him to do.

Inception (8/10)
This movie was a piece of cake. I've seen Primer twice.

Alphaville (5/10)
Less talking, more doing please.

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