My camera collection. #3: Lomo Lubitel 166U.

Maker: Lomo
Model: Lubitel 166U
Year: 1984–1988
Film type: 120
Usability: works likes a charm
My cost: $0 (it was a gift from my best friend)

This camera was my first foray into the world of medium format, and what an enjoyable foray it was. I'd like to say the Lubitel was easy, but it wasn't really. It's a pretty basic camera, but it's so basic that you have to watch out. There's nothing to keep you from taking multiple exposures in the same frame, which I did a number of times. Focusing is a pain (there's a little magnifying glass that pops down so you can actually see what you're doing). There's no exposure meter, so exposure settings are your best guess (thank Ford for the sunny 16 rule).

But I got some great shots. The new large square format was exciting, and taking pictures from a different angle really changes your perspective on composition. This is definitely one of my favorites.

...sample images...
01. "Parking Clearance"
08. Makenna on pink C.


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