A logo for incontinent adults.

My step-mom recently got in contact with me about making a logo for her new business. She's starting an online business with her friend that sells products that help adults with bladder incontinence. They needed a logo for their website and products that conveyed balance. I wasn't quite sure what I could do as far as iconography, because anything bladder or urine-related would be kind of off-putting. They suggested perhaps just a stylized version of their acronym (EAI) would do the trick, so we went with that

The idea behind the logo is that of rhythm and balance. The soft swooping lines are very comfortable and there are no sharp edges. The line that runs through the letters conveys the concept of steadiness and also balance. The letters are spaced out to give a rhythm that mimics that of a heartbeat and also the concept of repeating tasks, as one must keep on top of their incontinence problem to keep it in check. The "e" is lightened to de-emphasize it and the lower "e" and ".com" are thinner weights so that "adult incontinence" punches out.

The logo is designed to work with just acronym, so that when it appears on products, the user isn't instantly outed as suffering from bladder problems.


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July 15, 2010 at 5:43 PM Pater familia said...

I think it looks good.