Pure class.


My Stumptown Comics Fest haul.


Last month—or was it two months ago; I just can't keep track of months anymore—I went to the Stumptown Comics Fest, a small festival of all things comics. Zines, mainstream crap and publishing workshops. I love these events because they're great place to see amazingly talented people and pick up lots of inspiration for not a lot of money. Here are just some of the things I picked up there.

Otto Zeplin

Twilight of the Sea Cow

The Ouija Interviews

Holy Shit It's the Future

Human Body Theatre

Recycle (in style).

Above is a mockup of three recycling bins from my Urban Living series. The series is going to be made up of three recycling bins, a trash bin, a number of food and spice containers and the cover of the Portland Garbage and Recycling Guide.

This mockup, using Ikea's Retur recycling bin, helps give me an idea of how the idea looks in practice which can be very hard to do by just looking at a design on a screen. The next step is to head to Ikea and pick up a few of these so I can get a better sense of how the bins function  and get  exact measurements.

The nice thing about this project is that when I'm done, I'll have recycling bins and storage containers that I can actually use.

Career center poster series.

Another one done. This is my series of posters for PCC's Career Center. I did these for a design contest in class last year and we never heard which design they'd be using (I guess none of them), but I really liked my concept, so it's becoming a portfolio piece. I'm ditching the main poster since I was never totally happy with it and these stand on their own quite well.


Triple yum?

About a month back I attended the Stumptown Comics Festival and bought this adorable lamb from Lark Pien. I later went back keen on picking up the other two in the series but was too late. I contacted her via her blog and was able to order the cow and pig from her. They're too cute. I find the irony of my vegetarianism the icing on the cake for these gorgeous art pieces.


Coachella banners.

I've decided to turn my Coachella posters into banners. They still have the same feel as the originals so are all still inspired by Coachella's mountain theme. I'm still working on it, but hopefully it will be a stronger portfolio piece this way and less distracting without all those band names.



These are the updated boxes for Second Home Restaurant. So much better; am I right?

Neofilm boxes.

These are the final boxes for the Neofilm packaging product. They were finished some time ago, but I didn't have a suitable camera for taking pictures of them. Ironic?

I want to give a huge thank you to Ampersand Vintage on Alberta in Portland. They were a huge help in getting this project done. Two of the photos found there are used in this project (on the 550 boxes) and the polaroids provided quite a bit of inspiration.


Coconut Sunrise & Paradise Island.

Do you prefer column A or column B?


Not to give unfair advantage to this design, but here's how it wraps. The other ones wrap in the same relative location, just above the title and just below the net weight.

New School Books photographed.

When I send out or show my portfolio. These are the three pictures that people are likely going to see. I'm probably going to make one tiny tweak to Player Piano (see if you can spot it) and re-shoot them on a lower ISO with a tripod, but these are the likely the three angles that are going to be used. What do you all think?