Urban living.

I made some recycling signage for my apartment a while back using really simple white type on black backgrounds. I was inspired by (read: ripping off) Jesse Kirsch's amazing brand project. While helping a friend brainstorm ideas for her projects, I had the thought of taking what I made and making it an entire lifestyle set. It would have not only labeled trash and recycling bins, but also storage containers for dry goods and possibly even artwork.

I've moved away from Helvetica and into the world of Din. And having been inspired by Always with Honor's illustration work (and my recently love of dots), I thought I might apply some iconography in the vein of their What a Relief project.

So far, I've just worked on the labels for the recycling and trash containers, but it's a decent start and there might be something there.


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May 1, 2010 at 11:21 AM Timberati said...

I like "no" to Al Pacino's career. Very cute.