Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 50–41.

50. Basement Jaxx - Oh My Gosh
Single 2005
If you wondering if Basement Jaxx was serious all those years, this should put an end to any doubt. No, they're not serious, and they're very serious about it.

49. Justice - Stress
Cross 2007
Someone once told me to turn this song off because it was too stressful.

48. Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation
Attack Decay Sustain Release 2007
On an album full of terrible titles, this one is shockingly appropriate. The track is like the experience of getting your second wind on the dance floor when a track you've never heard before blows your mind. Cyclically, this could be that track.

47. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
Discovery 2002
First minute of listening to song: what a goofy song.
Second minute: this is actually kind of good.
Third minute: this is actually totally awesome.
Fourth minute: it's done? Press repeat.

46. The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
Come With Us 2003
This song is made infinitely better by a perfect music video my Michel Gondry. By itself, it's a gorgeous rolling track that gains momentum quickly and knows how to hold it. My love of handclaps may have started here.
note: the Star Guitar included in the playlist is not the original (as it wasn't available) but it's a pretty sweet cover

45. The Radio Dept. - 1995
Lesser Matters 2003
So sweet.

44. TV on the Radio - Crying
Dear Science 2008
How do they make those sounds pop so much? This song is just so tight, so organized, but still so emotional. It is called Crying after all.

43. Plaid - Squance
Double Figure 2001
Only total nerds could make dance music this pure.

42. Matthew Dear - Fex
Leave Luck to Heaven 2003
Man I like my music organized.

41. Cut Copy - Far Away
In Ghost Colours 2008
It took me a while to enjoy this album because it's so overproduced. But underneath that production (some of which is awesome) are great freaking pop songs.

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