The Portland Alliance.

About a month ago, I was riding the bus on my way to an art show. This girl about my age started up a conversation with me. I discovered she was the brand new editor of The Portland Alliance, a progressive newspaper. She discovered that I was a graphic designer. She accompanied me to the art show (where she won an art piece made by my friend's boyfriend). We exchanged business cards and she suggested that I work with them on the new layout for the newspaper. I said that might be cool.

She checked out my blog and called me to say she liked my work. We met up at her office this past Sunday to discuss what they're looking for. I was going to suggest we do more of a magazine look than a newspaper look (because magazines are cooler and inherently more progressive), but she suggested it first. And now I'm the layout designer for The Portland Alliance.

I'm not making big bucks off this one (we'll call it a labor of love), but this is definitely going into my final portfolio.

Here's the layout of the Dec/Jan issue…
And here's what I've been working on…
(Note: the dotted line simply shows where the fold is; it doesnt print. Everything above the line would be what you see in a newspaper box.)
And then the different banners/nameplates I made for the front page…

Rifflandia 2009 catalog
Colours magazine Teenagers issue
a 1980 issue of The Daily News from Longview, WA
various articles from Things As They Are, a compilation of photoessays
Julie Dery's business card

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April 7, 2010 at 8:26 PM Timberati said...

I definitely like the gray-circle logo.

April 7, 2010 at 9:31 PM Sea of Love... ...forthelackofwords said...

holy shit Lee!

You are ridiculously awesome!!


for the front page banner i like the 3rd one. it reminds me of batman.

so i think people will want to touch it.

i'm glad you actually know me and can read my comments beyond the words i choose.