Timberati identity.

My dad commissioned me to make his business system for him. He's a blogger that writes about ecology, trees and sustainability issues, with a bent toward rethinking the idea of cutting our dependence on logging. I've made three variations for him to choose from.

The first is meant to echo the height and thickness of a tree and to be generally simple and clean but a little bit light.

The second is simply organized on the front, while the back contains an amusing phrase. He believes that when done right, logging can be a completely sustainable means of production. Therefore, the phrase on the back is a tongue-in-cheek reference to businesses that tout their recycled/bamboo/rock-based alternatives to paper.

The third features a variation on a logo that I made for him, a T resembling a falling tree.

Which do you like best?


Polaroid final presentation boards.

Here are the layouts of my final presentation boards for the Polaroid identity project. The actual prints are at Kinko's right now and I have to schlep back over there later to pick up the prints, cut them out and mount to the boards. I'm really happy with the way everything turned out. I think it's strong, fun and hopefully really appeals the demographic Polaroid is aiming for.

That said, I'll be so so so glad when it's done.


Polaroid website.

Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say, I don't know where this is going." This is one of those occasions. I'm working on a website look for my Polaroid project. Does anything stand out to you? Do you like anything about these?

Credit where credit is due:
image 1 2 3 4 5
All other images by me.

Papers…business papers.

I used the fourth image from this post for my last illustration. This "illustration" was made only from pieces off cut paper. I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out.


Polaroid posters.

For my Polaroid project, we have to come up with three separate collateral pieces. The first was the diorama; the second will be a website. I was having a problem coming up with a third,, but when I really got to thinking about it, the one thing I would love to attend would be a Polaroid exhibition. Imagine walls of a museum simply covered in Polaroids. You could fit thousands on the walls of even a relatively small space. Supposing the Polaroid Corporation actually were to do this, I imagined a series of posters for it. To be honest, I first imagined one poster, and thought of the name "Polaroid's Not Dead," a play off the phrase "punks not dead." [sic]

Then I thought of making that phrase one of a number of slogans being used for the advertising of the Exhibition, which I personally really like. Which do you think works better? Also…any ideas for Polaroid-related slogans?


Four images of abandoned buildings.

I was looking for a good image for a cut-paper illustration. I wanted something with a good sense of depth, but also nice textures. If you know me, you know that I find beauty in decrepit things, broken down cars, dilapidated buildings, so all this brought me to images of abandoned mental asylums. A few of these are so gorgeous that I felt the need to share them with you here. Enjoy.


Diorama mock-up.

I'm working on a sort of diorama for my Polaroid project. It's going to be a series of transparencies with different parts of a scene printed on them. You can mix and match them to make amusing scenes. There are even places to stick on Polaroid i-Zone photos. There's going to be three scenes that make sense together: a cityscene; a tribal scene (complete with headhunter poles) and a space scene.


Black current.

I got this receipt about a month back from Rimsky's (full name Rimsky-Korsakoffee House). I held onto because I thoroughly enjoyed the spelling of "blackcurrant" and the indecipherable drawing on the back. My best guess is that it's an anthropomorphic broken egg in a coffee cup.

Winning Coachella poster.

The people that put on the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival hosted a contest on their website. The contest was to design a poster for a year of the festival before it existed (1969-1998); They would pick a winner for each year. I submitted this…and won. I now have tickets to Coachella. Yayer.

You can see the other winning posters here.


VIIF web banner.

I'm working on a web banner and some of the identity pieces for the Vancouver International Improv Festival. My next step is the business card. That should be fun. Here is the final chosen version of the their web banner that I made for them. The bombhead illustrations were done by someone else, but I've colorized them to match the palette we've chosen for the Festival. What do y'all think?


Squiggly postcards.

Remember the drawing I was doing with the squiggly lines? Well I finished it some time ago, but never had a chance to scan my printed pieces. Here are the final products that came out of that drawing. The front of the postcard says, "Greetings from Café Lehmitz… Wish you were her." The back reads, "Café Lehmitz is located near the Reeperbahn (red-light district) in Hamburg, West Germany. It is open 24 hours and is home to some of West Germany’s most colorful characters." That's completely true by the way. At least it was 30 years ago when the picture was taken.


My brain around the internet.

I found something I made all over the internet. The map that I made of my brain has found its way to an unknown number of blogs. Thanks to the ease of reblogging in Tumblr, this little thing has been posted many many times.

I love the comments people have left about it:
"If only Psych 160 could be this easy." Febbeh
"I actually believe that I think more about tacos than I do the Simpsons, but this is pretty much it." pbjellyfish
"Studying Neuroscience as i am, i can confirm this to be about 95% accurate." Eloso
"THIS IS MY BRAIN. I swear to jeebus. Except for the romantic thoughts about a girl is changed to a guy, of course...." Thewayshemoves
"I SEE A PART THAT ISN’T LABELED. I think it’s murderous rage." Lion-O

Polaroid business system update.

I've done some work on my Polaroid business system, and it's…well…different. The lines on the front and back of the business card line up on all four edges. My professor was saying that the lines on the letterhead were a little overpowering, so I faded them back, but I'm not sure that's quite the right solution. the envelope is mostly unchanged, but the type treatment of POLAROID for all three pieces has changed.

Questions: Is the business card too busy?
Does the type feel like it fits with the line design?
Do the faded lines on the letterhead work?


Nom nom.

Some yummy stuff from Always With Honor. They're local by the way.