Web presence.

In my Combined Applications class, we're working on an interactive PDF/website. I'm not exactly sure how this interactivity thing is going to work because we haven't learned that yet. Our assignment at this point is to come up with tree different looks for a web page that jibe with our prepared business system. That way, we can at some point turn this into a website and have a cohesive look for our business.

Below are my three different layouts. The first would have a large main image of a piece from my portfolio and the other images would be images of different works. The second is split between the work I've designed on the left and the work that's inspired me on the right. The third (my favorite) features a visual piece on the left with two smaller images showing different steps in the creative process and a piece of writing on the right.


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February 21, 2010 at 2:09 PM SeaLove said...

this looks not only great, but FUN.