The once and future website.

I'm currently working on the layout for my website. On Wednesday, we're going to start building an interactive PDF using this layout. In the future, I hope to use this look as the template for my site. The top page here is the home page, and the links are all along the top. When you click Portfolio, it takes you to a page of thumbnails and you can choose the project you want to look at.

From there, I can't decide on the best approach. Once on a work's page, you'll either:
A. see a main image and then smaller images that you can click to view in the main window, with information about the piece in the sidebar.
B. be able to scroll through pictures of it using left and right arrows and there will be thumbnails of similar work in the sidebar. The explanation of the piece is directly below the image.

These options depicted directly below in the first two images. The third image is portfolio thumbnail page; the fourth image is my contact page and the last image is my writing sample page.. What do you think would work best?


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