The once and future website.

I'm currently working on the layout for my website. On Wednesday, we're going to start building an interactive PDF using this layout. In the future, I hope to use this look as the template for my site. The top page here is the home page, and the links are all along the top. When you click Portfolio, it takes you to a page of thumbnails and you can choose the project you want to look at.

From there, I can't decide on the best approach. Once on a work's page, you'll either:
A. see a main image and then smaller images that you can click to view in the main window, with information about the piece in the sidebar.
B. be able to scroll through pictures of it using left and right arrows and there will be thumbnails of similar work in the sidebar. The explanation of the piece is directly below the image.

These options depicted directly below in the first two images. The third image is portfolio thumbnail page; the fourth image is my contact page and the last image is my writing sample page.. What do you think would work best?


The assassin's job completed.

I added the liquor to the drawing of the assassin. He was thirsty, but not for blood. Also included are the images that I used as reference.


My apartment.

I'm sure you're all so excited to see what my apartment looks like. Well, too bad because this is all close-ups. I framed these to specifically leave the mess out of the frame. You might also be wondering where my apartments fits into a design blog. Well, we all need to surround ourselves with things that inspire us, and I've tried to do just that. So here are some of the things that I've put up to inspire me.

My collection of cameras, art and photo books and the Art of the Modern Movie Poster (books kindly donated by Norm & Mary Benson, Makenna Lehrer, Andrew Serros and Madeline Hansen). Yes, I do use these cameras every once in while; four out of five of them still work. the books are perfect reference when I need inspiration.
I like to store my non-perishable food in mason jars. I found these white lids at the store, but I especially love the old jars with their original lids, specifically the yellow one and the "Cruncy Peanut Butter."
I don't have room in my cupboard for my pots and pans, so I hang them on the wall.
I went to Presents of Mind on Hawthorne and Paper Zone to find wrapping paper sheets, then cut them down to the size of these clipless frames. The frames themselves cost about $12 total and the paper cost about $10. That's some pretty cheap art, but I think it looks pretty nice.
Just three sheets of colored paper in a triptych frame for an easy but inspiring piece of "art."

The assassin returns.

There's still work to be done on this illustration, namely putting in a background. I see three options:
1. liquor
2. guns
3. liquor and guns

I also have to work on his left cheek, his upper lip, his sunglasses and add a tendril of smoke coming off his cigarette (instead of the huge cloud).

Polaroid business system.

At the top here is an inspiration board for my Polaroid project. I put this together during class, then felt some inspiration for my business system. I came up with this retro line system. I think you can see a definite connection with the images of geometric shapes (reflected in the typeface) the parallel lines (somewhat inspired by transit maps and very much inspired by the Mexico '68 logo) and bold colors.

I'm digging the letterhead, but I think I want to make some changes to the business card and envelope. Possibly different paper stock colors and different colored lines and shapes.


Final-ish Polaroid logo.

Here's my essentially complete Polaroid logo at roughly the size it will be seen. Thoughts?

Identity palette.

I'm still working on the color palette for my personal identity. I'm not sure if this is it, but it's interesting. They're a little tricky to use so maybe I should keep looking. For now though, if you need a new wallpaper and you like this, feel free to download and use it.


Flickr finds.

Some more inspiration from four users on Flickr. I think the quality of light is especially great in each of these images. They're all quite subtle and toned. I like that.


Desktop backgrounds (not by me).

If you like the random smattering of wallpaper I've been throwing at you, you should check out this rotating selection of wallpapers at Kitsune Noir. There's some really amazing stuff there in a variety of styles. Maybe someday I'll get on there. It seems like a reasonable goal.


The assassin.

I drew this man on scratchboard. This one was just a practice. I'm doing the final right now of the same image and it's taking me about three times as long and I'm drawing a smaller area.

This is why I'm not an illustrator.

UPDATE: Check out what my Buddy McPallerson Kelly Anderson is doing for her scratchboard illustration over at Pixeldust.

Strange geometry: four images by Matthew Lyons.

I was on the hunt for images, type, illustration and anything that would inspire my work on the Polaroid logo, business system and general look and feel of their film product line. That's when I ran into these drawings by Matthew Lyons. They just have a great retro feel, amazing color palettes and very interesting use of geometric shapes. Check out more over at his blog.


Web presence.

In my Combined Applications class, we're working on an interactive PDF/website. I'm not exactly sure how this interactivity thing is going to work because we haven't learned that yet. Our assignment at this point is to come up with tree different looks for a web page that jibe with our prepared business system. That way, we can at some point turn this into a website and have a cohesive look for our business.

Below are my three different layouts. The first would have a large main image of a piece from my portfolio and the other images would be images of different works. The second is split between the work I've designed on the left and the work that's inspired me on the right. The third (my favorite) features a visual piece on the left with two smaller images showing different steps in the creative process and a piece of writing on the right.


Coachella 1975–1993.

Here are four posters I made for four different years that Coachella wasn't in existence (note: I haven't changed the bands on the 1975 and 1982 posters). Do you think these represent their respective years properly?


Polaroid logo.

In my Graphic Design V class, we're working on a logo for a company of our choice. I chose something I'm interested in, Polaroid, which stopping producing film two years ago. My logo assumes that they would reintroduce their film/camera line with a new logo. I have included a portion of my design brief to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Which logomark (drawing) and logotype (text) do you think work best for getting across the ideas presented below.

The main recommendation for Polaroid is to get back in the business of making instant film. There is a market for instant films in the art and photography community and those with little experience with or knowledge of Polaroid films would also enjoy the use of the film type. The logo needs to appeal to these people by showing a vintage, artistic sensibility. The logo should feel classic, but not outdated. The logo should reflect a somewhat retro influence and remind people of the era before they were born. Vintage is more popular than ever, with a number of stores selling only vintage clothing. The new looks should speak to people through not only a vintage styling but through a feeling of DIY. People are currently being extremely economical and are doing things themselves more than before. This hands-on DIY approach can and should be reflected in Polaroid’s new look and logo.


Fill my eyes with that squigglevision.

My next illustration project requires me to use either crosshatch, lines or stippling to approximate shades of grey. I thought I'd try a squiggle technique to see if it were feasible. Here is the test image, the drawing and an overlay to see how it lines up. Then I made a desktop background. Of course.


VIIF 2010 web banner.

I'm working on a web banner for the Victoria International Improv Festival. This look is probably going to influence how a number of other pieces will look. Which do you think looks nicest? Do any of them say improv to you? What grabs your attention first?