Coachella 1983.

It could have happened…



Which do you like the best? Which grabs your attention first?



I've been working on the instant film packaging series in my sleep. I love it. I went to a store called Ampersand that sells photo/art books and ephemera. I picked up some old Polaroids to give me a better sense of the different sizes and shapes it comes in as well as what content is shot on it. Here are the two boxes I made for 600 film. The diagonal lines wrap all the way around the box transitioning from the first color to the second on the bottom panel.

I decided to make a company called Neofilm that would produce the film for use in Polaroid cameras. I made that logo in a jiffy, but it's actually not that bad. It's not very good, but it looks okay and works as a placeholder.

Here's the box template with the sides labeled so that you can see how it gets folded together.


Recycling bins.

I've been using old filing boxes for my recycling bins. They've started to look a little seedy, so I made labels for them, printed and laminated them and work and now they grace the front of the boxes. I think it looks much classier.


Blood Diamonds.

This is a box I'm making featuring an illustration that I did. The choice of illustration and text on the box were up to me. The box template was given by the instructor. I'm going to print it on textured card stock.


Instant Film packaging comps.

Here's step two of the series project. This step required us to take three thumbnails further in the computer and show how one piece of the series would look. Here are the different layouts I did. I know that the middle series won't fly as it is because we're required to have imagery, but I think it's an interesting exploration nonetheless. I know which series is my favourite. What do the home viewers think?


A random smattering of inspiration.

An inspiration board I made for a class. I thought I would share it with you. Some illustration, some photography, some colours. All beautiful to me.

Instant Film packaging thumbs.

In my Combined Applications class (all about using the different Adobe Creative Suite programs together), I'll be a creating product packaging. I have to create a series of items that all go together in look and feel. Since Polaroid is essentially dead, I decided to create packaging for a non-existent series of instant and 35 mm films. I have to come up with a logo, design and imagery for the boxes. I haven't decided exactly which boxes I'll do. Most likely I'll do 600, Spectra and 335mm slide film (as they're my favorite), but maybe Time-Zero or other 35mm or 120 films.

Here are the thumbnails for the look of each series. In other words, each these designs are a jumping-off point for an entire series. Here's a brief rundown of what's happening in each one:
1. giant typography that spells out the contents
2. red, yellow and blue vertical bands to represent the primary colors
3. a "signature series" featuring Polaroids taken and signed by famous artists/photographers
4. the minimalist design with mostly white boxes (or off-white recycled boxes) and three lines of color to represent color film and one line of black to represent black and white film
5. ignore this one
6. the digits of the film type, 600, are displayed each on their own Polaroid

What do you like?


My trip to Vancouver as told non-chronologically through various ephemera.