Here's something I did in about fifteen or twenty minutes. It's a quick typographical exercise to get me thinking and doing. Feroxx is my moniker for when I make music. It's also the name of one of my favourite tracks by one of my favourite artists, Klute.



Here's the final version of my Valentine-a-Gram. I struggled with this one quite a bit and deleted and re-did aspects of it a number of times. I think it turned out pretty well in the end. I put a flower in the person's hand on the hill to really tie him in with the person in the hot air balloon. They had no connection before and I think this works better.


Career Center poster.

This is the final version of my Career Center poster to be submitted for selection. I'm really happy with it. I think it's conceptually strong and fun and eye-catching. The main poster is 11x17; I also created a series of 8.5x11 miniposters that go along with the main one. What do you think?


Le Petit Chou.

For my advertising class, we had to come up with a business and we're building an entire advertising business around that. My business is a vegan restaurant called Le Petit Chou that serves healthy and mostly organic food to businesspeople and families—generally people that are too busy for sit-down meals, but still want to eat healthy. The idea is to also provide pre-packaged take-home meals they can store in the fridge or pantry and pull out to take to work or serve to the kids when they get home.

We're on the print advertising step of the project, so I made this ad. It took me about an hour and a half start to finish. I found the right typeface (Antipasto), grabbed a logo image, found some sprouts, added textures to them and played around with the text.


Alchemy cover.

And just like that, here are three roughs for the Alchemy cover. In the first, I'm trying to make it look as steampunk as possible. I think it needs more wood and dark metal. The second is of course a periodic table, which has a lot to do with metal, right? The concept is fairly thin, but I think the layout works really well. The third is a guy puking up ideas, which (when I'm done) will sort of spill into the letters of "Alchemy."

This is a book, remember. So, the right side is the cover, the strip in the center is the spine and the left side is the back. I've included the vertical dotted lines as a visual guide to where the folds are. I've also included an image of just the front cover since this is how it's going to be displayed.


Alchemy thumbnails.

These are thumbnails for the latest and last design studio project. This one is for PCC's very own creative writing department. Every year they self-publish a book called Alchemy, which is a collection of stories, poems and whatever else from the creative writing students. The magazine's concept is all about transforming one thing into another. In the case of alchemy, it's turning base metals into gold. In the case of Alchemy (the book), it's turning thoughts and ideas into words. The covers should hopefully convey this idea somewhat.

I'll be focusing on these thumbnails: six; a combination of 20, 23 and 25; and a combination of 14 and 26.



Check out what I found while waiting for the bus. It's a shopping list scrawled on a couple pieces of cardboard. My favorite entries are: grapfrute, smll granola?, hami crrsp (honey crisp I presume), smll guva, geva, song 1 (or songl…or gongl for that matter), brokley, curies, brebs, goldD and the three entries for bananas.


PCC Core Outcomes poster.

Today in Design Studio, we had an in-class assignment where we had 2.5 hours to make a poster showing off PCC's "Core Outcomes." These are values that, as PCC students, we should strive to live by. Most students don't know they exist, so these 11x17 posters are simply to raise awareness.


Reaction layouts.

I'm working on the layouts, colour scheme and infographic for my magazine re|action. Imagine each of these images as two facing pages layed out in front of you. The first two are for the cover story, which is essentially the most important article and centerpiece of the magazine. The third image is for a feature article, which is secondary only to the cover story. The fourth, fifth and six are for sections, which are a recurring element of the magazine. These are for a book review and two film reviews.