Valentine-a-gram doodles.

One assignment I just started working on is for something called the Valentine-a-gram. It's a program that Loaves & Fishes does where they sell these packages that contain Cinnabon gift certificates and coffee and the like to raise money for food for the elderly (all the items in the basket are donated). I would design a folding mailer to fit inside a #10 envelope. Therefore, the front panel would be either tall and skinny or wide and narrow when first viewed.

While in class, I doodled an idea for the front, and then scanned it and pasted it together and threw a quick background color on it. I think it looks pretty adorable.

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October 22, 2009 at 4:16 PM Timberati said...

I want to buy one of those Valentine-a-grams. Cinnabon and coffee sounds good.