Career Center Poster rough comps.

My latest assignment is to work on a poster for PCC's Career Center. The main goal of the poster is to increase awareness of the existence of the Career Center as well as something called MAP, which is an online thingamabob that helps you plan your college goals. The poster is 11x17 with no bleed. This means that the image can't go all the way to the edge. They're only running a couple hundred on a laserjet and the printer can only print about .125 inches from the edge of the paper, so they're all going to have a white border of about half an inch.

These first comps are all based on a thumbnail I did of an oversized question mark. I really got carried away with it. These aren't the only comps I'm going to do. I'm going to try a couple other directions (which I'll post later). What do these posters say to you?


Alien ad final.

Here's the final version of my Alien advertisement. It had a number of changes made to it:
1. star field in silhouette removed
2. new hands
3. used type treatment from other rough
4. cleaned up planet
5. expanded sunrise
6. removed credits
7. removed coat tail


Action/Reaction final nameplate.

Here's the final version of the Action/Reaction (or just Reaction) nameplate. I changed the dot over the "i" from a square to a circle to match the roundness of the now pronounced "o." And I thinned out the shutter so that it more closely matches the weight of the "re" section of the nameplate. I think that it came out nicely. It says what I want it to say. It feels bold and forward-thinking. There's some seriousness but also some fun mixed in there.


Valentine-a-gram comps.

Here are the comps I put together of my Valentine-a-gram. The image on the left is of just the very front of the brochure. The paper then folds out to reveal the rest of the image, displayed on the right. This is technically the back of the brochure.


Action/Reaction nameplate.

Here are the final ideas I'm looking at for my magazine nameplate (that's the logo on the front cover). I thought I'd make the "o" a shutter to tie the name into the idea of film a little bit more. Do you think it works? And which nameplate works best?


Valentine-a-gram doodles.

One assignment I just started working on is for something called the Valentine-a-gram. It's a program that Loaves & Fishes does where they sell these packages that contain Cinnabon gift certificates and coffee and the like to raise money for food for the elderly (all the items in the basket are donated). I would design a folding mailer to fit inside a #10 envelope. Therefore, the front panel would be either tall and skinny or wide and narrow when first viewed.

While in class, I doodled an idea for the front, and then scanned it and pasted it together and threw a quick background color on it. I think it looks pretty adorable.

Laney etc.

These pictures are from a roll of film I shot about a year and a half ago. They're of the community college I attended for a few quarters before I decided to head to Portland. It was a pretty good school…and it was cheap. These were going to be used for an assignment that I never completed.


Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy.

What a cool song. What a cool remix.


A blast from the past: the final rexRx newsletter.

Way back when (read: this past March), I uploaded logos for my pet newsletter. People liked numbers two and six; I used number three. Regardless, here's the final version of the newsletter. I think it's pretty cute, but even at this point I'm seeing things that irk me. One thing that doesn't irk me: that picture of the doctor talking to the dog. That's hilarious.


More Alien variations.

Maybe you're getting sick of this by now, but I've got some more varations on the "man floating in space" advertisement for Alien. I think both of these are better than the first one I did.

Alien ad typography.

I hope you people love typefaces, because they're just going to be flying at you all quarter. Let me know which of these you like better. What works for you? Each typeface is saying something a little bit different.


Postcard Project #2: Verbatim.

This postcard is the second in an ongoing series—the first of which can be seen here—where I take a word given to me by a close friend and translate it into some sort of artwork, print it and send it off to them as a postcard. I struggled with this one for a while, then things fell into place and I think that it ended up coming out rather well.

The large diagonal lines are formed by copies of the letter "v" (for verbatim). Their opacity is turned down so that they create patterns. Verbatim made me think of repetition, and I thought of song lyrics. I overlaid lyrics from one of my favourite tracks, Stay Hungry by Talking Heads, because they contain quite a bit of repetition.


Alien magazine ad comps.

Remember my Alien ad thumbnails? Well, I did larger drawings of a number of them and then three of these were made into "comps." These are quick mock-ups that show the idea a little more clearly. I'm going to be working on the first and third, replacing the image in each with a photograph (of myself most likely). I do love the fact that all three of these comps contain people in business suits.


Re:action, re|action, reaction.

Here's some more nameplate/logo ideas for the cover of my magazine. They're in a dogpile here. Let me know what you prefer. By the way, I know which ones you shouldn't pick, but pick whichever strikes your fancy.














Cascade Festival of African Films poster variations.

What do you think: 1, 2 or 3?