Movie clips.

The Cranes are Flying (8.5/10)
Movies like this weren't coming out of America in 1957. It's surprising to see such artistry from a film of this era.

Mon Oncle Antoine (7/10)
Not a redeemable adult character among the lot. I'm surprised it's not called My Uncle, the Drunk.

Tokyo Drifter (5/10)
After I watched this movie, I read the plot summary on Wikipedia and thought, "really? That was all that happened? I was so confused for the entire duration of the film. There wasn't anything else I'm missing?"

And the Ship Sails On (6/10)
I don't think any film director is as obsessed with filmmaking as Fellini. (see also 8 1/2 and The Nights of Cabiria)

All that Heaven Allows (7.5/10)
The first English language film I've seen in weeks.

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