My girls: an evolution.

My friend played the song My Girls by Animal Collective for me a few months back (video #1). I told her that I recognized the main sample in the song, but couldn't put my finger on it. It took me sometime before I remembered that I had heard it on the Fatboy Slim album Live on Brighton Beach. It was his remix of a song called Real Life by Raven Maize (2). But I doubted that Norman had come up with that line on his own. A Google search for "animal collective my girls samples" came up with this great blog post on the origin of the sample. Apparently, it was from a song called Your Love by Frankie Knuckles (3).

So, I looked up Your Love on Wikipedia. On the page, it listed yet another song featuring a sample of this song, the track You Got the Love by The Source featuring Candi Station. Also, the bassline and instrumentation were apparently borrowed from Feels Good (Carrots & Beets) by Electra (5).

A search for "frankie knuckles your love" brings up a clip of a documentary called "History of House Music." This clip details the spread of the track—which was apparently actually by Jamie Principle—through clubs and how it springboarded house music to the next level of awareness.

I find the evolution of inspiration and reinterpretation quite interesting. It's pretty amazing how one thing influences another which inspires another which feeds into something else. Much more homage and love than simply stealing, these themes and variations show a true progression of sound.







Which track is your favorite?

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