The Adventures of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth.

I just bought this book with the remainder of my gift card to Powell's book store and $5. It is a difficult, slow, trying and consuming read, which is at times haunting and poignant. Sometimes, so much so, as to make the reader rethink previous passages. Does each section hold the same depth as the others, despite is seeming complacence with its own tedium? It's hard to say. It is easy to say however that the book features some fantastic penwork, color design and structure, with each page filled to the brim with carefully rendered frames. Filled so much that every frame might very well hold the same amount of information as every other frame. There's a definite economy of style and even large frames don't (or can't) outweigh the power of smaller ones.

Collected here are my favorite pages. I selected them for their humor, their power, their intrigue and their simplicity. As always, enjoy.


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