A walk around this neighborhood.

Almost one year ago, when I first moved here, I took a walk around my neighborhood, documenting what I saw with pictures and words. Today, I meandered around the area where I'm currently staying (in the neighborhood of Sellwood). Originally the plan was for both my friend and I to take concurrent walks, return and blawg about our experiences. She has apparently chickened out on this idea. If she chickens in, I'll post a link to it (but not until then).

Update: She did it. You can read it here.

Unfortunately there are no pictures this time as I haven't been able to find the cord to charge my digital camera. So it's all text this time around.

Our "post about a walk" idea started me thinking about reality TV. As I walked, I thought, "what will this post be about? What will its focus be?" After the decision to write about it was made, I could no longer simply walk and observe; everything was skewed by my sense of plot and drama. This post had to be interesting, so I focused on finding things that made it interesting. This in turn made me wonder about people on so-called reality shows. If you know someone's going to see it, then you're likely constantly wondering if those people will find it interesting. You can know longer do things just to do them, lost in the moment, you do them for the spectacle of those things.

With that in mind, I went into Hollywood Video and looked for Futurama DVDs, saw a cat alone in an antique store, thought I saw my least favorite customer and spotted a sticker of a smiling ice-cream sandwich on the sidewalk.

Updated June 25, 2009 to include link.

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