My dad writes a blog called Timberati. It's about sustainable forest management and he talks about myths and misconceptions regarding logging and deforestation. I told him I'd design a favicon for his website for Father's Day. A favicon (if you didn't follow the link is a 16x16 pixel icon that represents your website in web browser tabs. A 16x16 grid isn't very much room to design on. You've got to get across some information about the content of the site, make it look nice and make it legible with only 256 little dots of color.

I've come up with three designs. The first two are variations on a single theme. I'm just not sure which looks nicer. The third is an "@" in earthtones, representing the marriage of technology and earth sciences. The fourth is a "T" designed to look like a falling tree, with requisite shadow.



I was pretty bored, and thought that I should do something creative. I found some old drawings laying around that I did for my Photoshop class. I took them into Illustrator, traced them and added some color. I'll probably work on them some more later, cleaning them up, improving shapes and adding texture/patterns.


Passion Pit - Sleepyhead.


A walk…with pictures this time.

I found my tiny Casio camera and charger. Thus, I took some pictures to make up for not taking any yesterday.


The Good Shop updated.

We've decided on a look for The Good Shop website. Madeline found a color scheme and we went with that on the fourth design. I've made a couple of minor changes and I'm sure to make more important changes before it goes live. And I of course have to make a template for all of the other pages.


Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks.

Great song. Creepy video.


A walk around this neighborhood.

Almost one year ago, when I first moved here, I took a walk around my neighborhood, documenting what I saw with pictures and words. Today, I meandered around the area where I'm currently staying (in the neighborhood of Sellwood). Originally the plan was for both my friend and I to take concurrent walks, return and blawg about our experiences. She has apparently chickened out on this idea. If she chickens in, I'll post a link to it (but not until then).

Update: She did it. You can read it here.

Unfortunately there are no pictures this time as I haven't been able to find the cord to charge my digital camera. So it's all text this time around.

Our "post about a walk" idea started me thinking about reality TV. As I walked, I thought, "what will this post be about? What will its focus be?" After the decision to write about it was made, I could no longer simply walk and observe; everything was skewed by my sense of plot and drama. This post had to be interesting, so I focused on finding things that made it interesting. This in turn made me wonder about people on so-called reality shows. If you know someone's going to see it, then you're likely constantly wondering if those people will find it interesting. You can know longer do things just to do them, lost in the moment, you do them for the spectacle of those things.

With that in mind, I went into Hollywood Video and looked for Futurama DVDs, saw a cat alone in an antique store, thought I saw my least favorite customer and spotted a sticker of a smiling ice-cream sandwich on the sidewalk.

Updated June 25, 2009 to include link.

Movie clips.

I've been recuperating from a long quarter at school and watching a lot of films, mostly crappy ones. Here's a rundown of what I've seen recently.

Next (3/10)
Nic Cage looking like Tom Hanks in Da Vinci Code but acting like a little bitch. Also, the special effects totally blow.

30 Days of Night (7/10)
Actually very creepy. I like movies that confine the characters in an inescapable situation.

Enchanted (7/10)
Amy Adams sells it.

Pauline at the Beach (6/10)
All character analysis; no character development.

The Firemen's Ball (7/10)
According to this movie, there are no pretty Czech girls.

My Man Godfrey (9/10)
William Powell is a god.


A note on my new design.

My site has a new look thanks to Derek Punsalan (scroll to the bottom of the main page for Blog template info), Blogger Buster and Le Blog de Sushi. I think it's a vast improvement. I only had to make a few tweaks, such as expanding the main column and updating the navigation links at the top. I think it looks much better. It's cleaner and more user-friendly. Tell me what you think.

The Good Shop.

I've been working on a website for a friend recently. It's for her vintage clothing store which doubles as an art space. They also sell their clothes online. I don't really know much about website design and I'm sure I'm doing a number of things incorrectly (don't tell her). I'm just applying basic design concepts and using my print design skills to make it look as nice as I can.

The first one looks very de stijl, kind of like a Piet Mondrian painting with 80s colors instead of the traditional primary colors of that movement.

The second goes for simplicity and uses a color scheme I grabbed from a picture of a ruined film negative. I used a feature of the Colour Lovers website that allows you to make a five-color palette based on any image off the internet. I used it to make this.

The third was inspired by a tee-shirt I purchased at a vintage store. It's all 80s and neon.

The last one I made a month ago and nearly forgot about. Not totally sure what the deal is with the 70s color scheme.


Completed recipe book.

Here's the final version of my recipe book.


Restaurant banner.

Here's the event banner for my restaurant package. It's close to done. I just need to print and hang it.