Postcard Project #1: Overcome.

A couple weeks ago I had some time to work on a project that was just for fun, outside of school. I've been wanting to design a series of postcards and I think I finally found the common theme that will hold them together. I asked a friend to give me a word, whatever word she thought of and that hopefully meant something to her. That word was "overcome." I had this diagonal stripe design that I'd been fairly obsessed with and thought that it fit well with the theme. I started adding elements and before long I had the bones of this postcard. Colors were added, and when I was done I printed it out, rounded the corners and mailed it to her. The plan is to receive more words from friends, make a card based on it and mail it to them. Then do something with all the cards, like, oh I don't know, sell them.


Recipe book.

Here's the recipe book I'm working on for Page Design that's supposed to go with my restaurant. I'm wondering how I'm going to tie all of the designs together into one cohesive look.


Box it up.

One of the last parts of the GD3 restaurant assignment (along with designing a menu, recipe book and lobby banner) is to create two different kinds of packaging for a product that could be sold in your restaurant. I decided to sell a baking mix (like Bisquick) that you can actually use in some of the recipes in the book. There will be two varieties of the mix so you can decide which you'd like to use. I thought making a box would be the best way so I found a dieline pattern for a box and I'm setting up my design on that.

This is what's called a dieline. Normally it would be punched out by a large diecutting machine, but I get to do this by hand, so I added cutting guides. The black outline you see won't actually be printed.
This is a rough of the first box, which will hold a bag containing flour. The black lines are just a guide so you can get a feel for how it will look. When I print it, it won't have the black outline and will only have the crop marks around the outside.
This is a rough for the second box.
This will be printed on the back of the cardstock, so when I cut and fold my box, this will be on the inside of the box.


My final Illustration project is to take a fruit or vegetable (in my case, guava) and essentially recreate it as a paper box. The outer box will resemble the husk of the fruit and open up to reveal smaller boxes inside resembling the flesh. We are required to keep a research book for this project. I have posted a few select images from the book for your viewing pleasure.


Second Home menu rough.

Here's what I'm working on for my Second Home Menu It's going to be sewn down the spine, possibly in a zigzag stitch and I'm thinking about doing some paper appliques on the inside of things like pots, pans, oven mitts, spatulas, etc. Any thoughts?


My Photoshop assignment had me combining two or more images into one unified image. I chose to place famous buildings on the backs of snails. Don't ask why—my other option was a taco full of body parts. The next part of the assignment was to place these abominations in another setting and to make them look like they fit. This would be made into an advertisement. I have three rough versions due tomorrow night. Here's what I have. What do you think?