Leaf Peep 2009 final poster.

Here it is.

Lunchroom Samurai.

I only put that title up there so that people can't "stump the goog."

Also: "reticulate necromancer," "grapevine yeti," "chromide jester," "rooster stantion" and "chump spelunking."

Futura final layout. Almost done with everything.

Here's the final version of my Futura layout. I'm so excited to be done with it. I've also finished my DVD cover, my zoo fact sheets and all of my drawings for drawing class. I only have my Leaf Peep 2009 Illustration left to work on—and that's almost done.


I killed the electric car.

There, it's done. What do you think?



My final Typography assignment involves taking text and wrote about Paul Renner and his typeface Futura, matching it with an image of him (made from his font) and making a single cohesive layout. Here are three layouts that I made that utilize these elements. The final version is due on Wednesday.

Leaf Peep 2009 rough.

My final assignment for my Digitial Illustration class requires me to make an illustrated poster for a fictional event to take place in my park. The event I came up with is Leaf Peep 2009. Leaf peeping—for those of you not from the east coast—is heading to a certain area in order to view the colors of autumn. The event is a ferry ride around the coast of Acadia National Parks Isle du Haut to view the fall colors. Here's a rough version of the poster that I made in class yesterday. It still needs a lot of work. There are going to be a lot more leaves in the background and the trees will have a different texture on them.

Fact sheets updated.

When designing, a lot of important changes are made after group critiques. The designs at left were critiqued in class and by others, and I made changes to make the designs even better. A lot of subtle changes can make designs much nicer and cleaner. I think the layouts at right are superior to the ones at left, even though they make look the same at first glance.


Zoo fact sheets.

My final page layout assignment is to put together animal fact sheets for a zoo. The three animals are the turtle, the zebra and the cat. Don't ask me why a cat; it doesn't make any sense to me either. All three sheets need to have the same basic template, but can have variations in color and other small things. Here's the rough version of my three layouts. Comments and opinions are always welcome.


Input needed.

I can't decide on which colour scheme I like the best, so I would appreciate some help. Simply pick your favorite and leave a comment. Feel free to explain why you chose it, but it's not necessary. Keep in mind that I'm trying to convey both ideas of mystery and technology. Thanks for your help.