Zelles illustrated.

It's not often at the moment that I get to design something just for fun, but recently I've been doing just that. A friend of mine asked me the other day if I could possibly design a logo for her band, so I've been working on ideas and sketches for that. Maybe I'll show you some of that when I'm further along. I also took my zelles logo from last quarter and traced it in Illustrator, played with the text and put in a colored sun behind it. Maybe I'll use it for something at some point.


And done.

And here are the final versions of my twelve business card layouts. Thanks to those who gave me extremely helpful suggestions on edits for this and everything else!


Done, done and done.

I just realized that I haven't posted the final versions of three of my assignments. First is my logo for Acadia National Park. I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's good; not amazing, but nice. Next is my restaurant brochure. I'm extremely happy with this. I think it's super fun, super readable and perfect for the assignment. The bottom is my final chocolate bar design, inspired by the Marshall Islands. I'm really happy with this one as well—there's only one tiny change I'd like to make. See if you can spot what it is...


Chocolate bar wrappers.

Did some more work on my chocolate bar wrappers. Here are the tight roughs that we'll be critiquing tomorrow. I wanted to do designs that conveyed two completely different moods. I think I did pretty well. I was kind of hoping the one on the left would be more upscale, but I think it turned out pretty nice anyway.


Plus more business cards.

Here are the other two. I feel like I'm running dry on business card orientations. And I think I'll go to bed now.


An insane amount of business cards.

My typography project requires making a background that represents who I'm about, and then cutting it up into 12 sections and making a business card in each section. I have to do this three times. Sigh. Here's my first attempt. I have the other two backgrounds ready, but I've yet to put text in the others.

Here's that same image with business card info placed inside.


Tokidoki final rough.

Here's the rough layout for the final version of the Tokidoki brochure. I'm a little worried that it might be a little bit too busy, but it is for a kid's restaurant.... Tell me what you think. Also, are you able to read the text relatively easily?

[image updated 02.08.2009]

Tokidoki brochure layouts.

Yet again, I'll spare you the thumbnails. Here are three layouts I did for my Japanese family restaurant. We already had a group critique and I decided what layout I'm going to use. It'll probably be the first layout with the large rice bowl from the second and a color scheme more like the third.


Cultural candy bar.

One of the four projects I am currently working on in my graphic design program requires making a candy bar based on (or inspired by) a certain country and its culture. We picked our countries by donning blindfolds, being spun around and affixing a pin to a large world map. I ended up with the Marshall Islands, a country best known as a testing ground for nuclear weapons in the 1940s and 1950s. Well, people live there again and it's been a country since 1986.

I'll spare you from the thumbnails this time and show you one of the tight roughs I'm working on.

The dashed lines are cut and crop marks. Give me your input and tell me if you would buy this chocolate based on the packaging.