In school, one of our current assignments is to design a restaurant logo utilizing a (randomly assigned) letter inside either a circle or a square. After designing that, we were to decide on a restaurant name no longer than eight characters that began with that letter.

I chose Tokidoki. Tokidoki is the Japanese word for "sometimes." The restaurant is a reasonably priced Japanese restaurant that's geared to those with young children but is fun for all ages. There would be fun names for food items, as well as amusing food presentations, such as sushi rolls that look like caterpillars.

Here are the eight tight roughs I did for this concept:


Typographical tiddlybits.

I'm tired so I'm going to write this entry in bullet points instead of full sentences.

· back in school
· exhuasted
· face made of arranged letters and characters (top)
· setting of sentence using only a few specific InDesign tools (bottom)
· enjoy
· read carefully