If only...my high-priced Christmas wishlist.

Yeah I don't really have the money to give anybody a serious gift, so instead I'm giving people thoughtful, personalized handmade gifts. What a cheapskate I am right? Also, I know I shouldn't want material possessions, but I do because they're rad. I do however much prefer utility to beauty in terms of my possessions. Here, mostly for fun, is a list of things I'd love to have.

A Centurion 12-speed touring bike in silver.
estimated price $375
I found this one on Craigslist but couldn't afford it at the time since I was moving. But dear Ford is it gorgeous. The bike's twenty years old, but it's been in a box so it's never been used. This one's also a tall frame, so it would fit me perfectly.

An Olympus E-3 digital SLR with off-camera flash and a 32mm, 50mm and 100mm lenses.
estimated price: camera $1300 + lenses
In my book, nothing beats a film camera, but if I have a digital camera, I might as well have the best and all the shit that goes with it, including a standard, wide angle and portrait lens.

A Yamaha DX7.
The DX7 is a music classic. It's such a quality piece of equipment that it has its own Wikipedia page and it's been used by everyone from Genesis to Pet Shop Boys to Underworld. That's versatile sound.

Macbook Pro with Adobe Creative Suite 4.
$1800 + $400 = $2200
I'll be getting myself this for school anyway so forget it. Like anybody would or could anyway.

FLStudio 8.
estimated price: $200
Because I really like making music. I have version 4 of this program and they've made so many changes I'm practically living in the dark ages.


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December 21, 2008 at 7:28 AM Paterfamilias said...

Have you tried the online Jam Studio?