Buy 'zelles.'

My latest graphic design assignment was to take an animal image and build it out of "geometric shapes." The shapes don't have to be purely squares and squircles, but the animal must be made of shapes and not lines. The second part was to reverse the image out of a shape. I wanted the gazelle breaking out of a circle, and when I realized that it felt too big, I cut off the bottom of the circle. I think it turned out quite nicely and is very reminiscent of a rising sun.

Below is my rendition of a gazelle. This gazelle is going to be used as a logo for a shoe company called Zelles. At the bottom are three possible type treatments for the company name.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Morose allegories?


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November 17, 2008 at 6:03 PM Stephanie said...

Oh, I like the mention of squircles! And the third font option is my favorite.