On this day: September 21.

On September 21, 1995, Hindus believed a miracle was occurring when statues of Hindu gods "drank milk" offered to them on a spoon.

It started when a Hindu worshiper in New Delhi, apparently just for kicks, offered milk to a statue of Lord Ganesha. When Lord Ganesha apparently drank the whole spoonful of milk, he spread the word of the "miracle" and Hindus around the world were soon offering spoonfuls of milk to Hindu statues. The real explanation according to scientists was capillary action, where the surface tension of the milk caused it to be pulled off of the spoon by the texture of the statues.

The World Hindu Council in India called it a miracle (although I'm not sure of the usefulness of such a miracle). As the word spread, and hundreds to thousands of people lined up outside Hindu temples with pints of milk, it was clear that it was truly a case of mass hysteria.