My favourite meal.

I write this post as I struggle with the debilitating grips of an oncoming food coma. It was brought on by what is quite possibly my favourite homemade meal: sandwich, chips and root beer.

Sandwich: This particular sandwich was a 5-grain tempeh sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread with vegan mozzarella and all the usual fixings (vegan mayo, mustard, tomato, white onion, green leaf lettuce).

Chips: Kettle's Backyard Barbeque potato chips. I've never had them before and they were delicious.

Root beer: Henry Weinhard's, probably the tastiest root beer around. Someday I'll do a blind taste test with top-to-bottom ranking of a bunch of root beers.

Dessert (aka Yummy Sweet Things): Zensoy vegan vanilla pudding, which has a great consistency and no funky aftertaste, all the while being very nummy; that's no small feat for a soy-based dessert product.

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June 11, 2008 at 12:21 PM Peaches said...

I wasn't at all hungry until I started reading this. That meal looks great!