My 100 favourite films. Entry #17: Real Genius.

Real Genius (1985)
directed by Martha Coolidge
starring Val Kilmer, Gabe Jarret, Michelle Meyrink and William Atherton
country: USA
genre: Comedy

Visuals: 7
Writing: 9
Everyday watchability: 8
Number of shirts in the film that I own: 4 (thanks to Found Item Clothing)

Chris Knight is my hero. Val Kilmer plays one of the quintessential anti-establishment types. I feel like if I could combine a personality from movie characters, it would be 1/4 Chris Knight, 1/4 The Thin Man, 1/4 Hawkeye Piere (from the film, not the TV show) and 1/4 Fletch. Then I'd be smarmy, funny, intelligent, non-chalant and still get all the chicks. That would be awesome.

As for this movie, the writing is just fantastic. It's seriously funny and derived from strong characters, which I think is where much great comedy comes from. I don't want to talk too much, but check out these stills with some choice quotes.

Crossbow; it's what the main characters don't know they're making.
Kent: Alright, God. Let me have it!
This shot comes at the end of the second of three montages. As the semester goes one, there are fewer people and more tape recorders, until there are no people at all, only tape recorders, and a taped lecture playing on the front desk. The chalk board reads: The math on the tape is hard to follow, so listen carefully.
Don: Maybe you should hide while I'm driving.
Professor Hathaway: He saw me Don.
Dr. Dodd: Why is that toy on your head?
Chris Knight: Because if I wear it any place else, it chafes.
Chris Knight: Have you ever seen a body like this before in your life?
David Decker: She happens to be my daughter.
Chris Knight: Oh. Then I guess you have.
Student: What is it?
Chris Knight: It's a laser beam, bozo!

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