Another way to save cash.

In my search for the cheapest deal on a rental truck, I decided on Budget truck, as it was $2 cheaper a day and 20 cents less a mile. It seemed a no-brainer. When I got to the reservation check-out screen, there was a box for a promotional code. I didn't have one, but a quick Google search for "budget truck promotional code" lead me to It's a site where users input promo/coupon codes that they've used for different websites. You browse the listing (sorted by business) for the one that looks good and is applicable to you and try it out. If it works, you click a check mark; if it doesn't, you click the X. There's even a little graphical timeline that shows how many people it worked for and how many it didn't, so you can see if the code's probably no good anymore. What a great idea! And it saved me $10.

Some stores have request to have all user contributed coupons removed from the system, and they post their own. Still, you can find a bunch of deals in one place. That's handy.

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