Colors is awesome.

Yes, that sentence is grammatically correct. Colors is a magazine originally started by the clothing company United Colors of Benetton. It only publishes four magazine's a year, but each one is a gem. Each issue covers a different topic, with some in the past including race, violence and AIDS.

A recent issue was about eco-sustainability and was present as a guide to the island of Vörland in the Summer of 2057. It's one of the few remaining hospitable places on the planet due to global warming and therefore a popular tourist destination. People come to ride the pedibus (powered by the legs of the riders), taste one of Muhhamad's Vebabs (kebabs made entirely of vegetables) and stay at the Motel Kärlek (where the electricity is generated through the movement of the beds, so getting it on is encouraged). The issue is brilliant in a kind of annoying way, where I feel like I've been living in an imagination cave, and wonder why I didn't think of any of this.


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