"Drink a milkshake!"

Yesterday, I participated with seven of my friends (Justin, Casey, David, Paul, Jeanette, Wes and Sarah) in something called CinemaSports. We headed to Frank H Ogawa Plaza in Oakland at 10am to receive three "ingredients". These ingredients must be incorporated into a short video that is written, shot and edited that day in ten hours. This is our fifth time participating.

The ingredients this time were:
  • a broadcast
  • something purple
  • time elapsed

You'll be able to check out the video we made within the week and I'll post a link so that you can watch the insanity. Meanwhile, check out some of the other videos we made. I suggest Adventures of Man in a Bumblebeesuit Man.

David Green as Mullitor (sic) in
Adventures of Man in a Bumblebeesuit Man


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